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Artículos Científicos

  • José S. Silva, Jhojan P. Rojas, Magdalena Norabuena, Rodrigo J. Seguel. Ozone and volatile organic compounds in the metropolitan area of Lima-Callao, Peru Enlace
  • Stefan Hunziker, Stefan Brönnimann, Juan Calle, Isabel Moreno, Marcos Andrade, Laura Ticona, Adrian Huerta y Waldo Lavado Casimiro : Effects of undetected data quality issues on climatological analyses. Climate of the Past. Enlace
  • Jose Silva, Jhojan Rojas, Magdalena Norabuena, Carolina Molina, Richard A. Toro, Manuel A. Leiva-Guzmán: Particulate matter levels in a South American megacity: the metropolitan area of Lima-Callao, Peru. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Enlace
  • S. Gubler, S. Hunziker, M. Begert, M. Croci-Maspoli, T. Konzelmann, S. Brönnimann, C. Schwierz, Clara Oria, Gabriela Rosas: The influence of station density on climate data homogenization using HOMER. International Journal of Climatology. DOI: 10.1002/joc.5114
  • Stefan Hunziker, Stefanie Gubler, Juan Calle, Isabel Moreno, Marcos Andrade, Fernando Velarde, Laura Ticona, Gualberto Carrasco, Yaruska Castellón, Clara Oria, Mischa Croci-Maspoli, Thomas Konzelmann, Mario Rohrer, Stefan Brönnimann: Identifying, attributing, and overcoming common data quality issues of manned station observations. International Journal of Climatology. DOI: 10.1002/joc.5037
  • Fiorella Vega Jácome, Waldo Sven Lavado Casimiro, Oscar Gustavo Felipe Obando: Assessing hydrological changes in a regulated river system over the last 90 years in Rimac Basin (Peru). Theoretical and Applied Climatology. DOI: 10.1029/2012EO220001
  • Pedro Rau, Luc Bourrel, David Labat, Frédéric Frappart, Denis Ruelland, Waldo Lavado, Boris Dewitte, Oscar Felipe Obando: Hydroclimatic change disparity of Peruvian Pacific drainage catchments. Theoretical and Applied Climatology. Enlace
  • Taru Olsson, Matti Kämäräinen, Darwin Santos, Teija Seitola, Heikki Tuomenvirta, Riina Haavisto, Waldo Lavado Casimiro: Downscaling climate projections for the Peruvian coastal Chancay-Huaral Basin to support river discharge modeling with WEAP. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies. Enlace
  • Bastian Manz, Sebastián Páez-Bimos, Natalia Horna, Wouter Buytaert, Boris Ochoa-Tocachi, Waldo Lavado Casimiro, Bram Willems: Comparative Ground Validation of IMEG and TMPA at Variable Spatiotemporal Scales in the Tropical Andes. Journal of Hydrometeorology. Enlace
  • Simone Schauwecker, Mario Rohrer, Christian Huggel, Jason Endries, Nilton Montoya, Raphael Neukom, Baker Perry, Nadine Salzmann, Manfred Schwarb, Wilson Suarez: The freezing level in the tropical Andes, Peru: An indicator for present and future glacier extents. Journal of Geophysical Research. Enlace
  • Juan Sulca, Ken Takahashi, Jhan-Carlo Espinoza, Mathias Vuille, Waldo Lavado Casimiro, Bram Willems: Impacts of different ENSO flavors and tropical Pacific convection variability (ITCZ, SPCZ) on austral summer rainfall in South America, with a focus on Peru. International Journal of Climatology. Enlace
  • Wilfredo Yzarra, Janeet Sanabria,Hanna Cáceres, Olimpio Solís, Jean-Paul Lhomme: Impact of Climate Change on Some Grapevine Varieties Grown in Peru For Pisco Production. Dialnet. Enlace
  • Raphael Neukom, Mario Rohrer, Pierluigi Calanca, Nadine Salzmann, Christian Huggel, Delia Acuña, Duncan A Christie, Mariano S. Morales: Facing unprecedented drying of the Central Andes? Precipitation variability over the period AD 1000-2100. Environmental Research Letters. Enlace
  • Jhan Carlo Espinoza, Josyane Ronchail, Matthieu Lengaigne, Nelson Quispe, Yamina Silva, Maria Laura Bettolli, Grinia Avalos, Alan Llacza: Revisiting wintertime cold air intrusions at the East of the Andes propagating features from subtropical Argentina to Peruvian Amazon and relationship with large-scale circulation patterns. Climate Dynamics. Enlace
  • María de los Milagros Skansi, Manola Brunet, Javier Sigró, Enric Aguilar, Juan Andrés Arevalo Groening, Oscar J. Bentancur, Yaruska Rosa Castellón Geier, Ruth Leonor Correa Amaya, Homero Jácome, Andrea Malheiros Ramos, Clara Oria Rojas, Alejandro Max Pasten, Sukarni Sallons Mitro, Claudia Villaroel Jiménez, Rodney Martínez, Lisa V. Alexander, P.D.Jones: Warming and wetting signals emerging from analysis of changes in climate extreme indices over South America. Global and Planetary Change. Enlace
  • Christian Huggel, Mario Rohrer, Pierluigi Calanca, Nadine Salzmann, Walter Vergara, Nelson Quispe, Jorge Luis Ceballos Alejandro Max Pasten, Sukarni Sallons Mitro, Claudia Villaroel Jiménez, Rodney Martínez, Lisa V. Alexander, P.D. Jones: Early warning systems: The "last mile" of adaptation. Eos. DOI: 10.1029/2012EO220001